What is Affiliated Distributors?

Heard this one? The employees of “Big Box” chain stores are so bad at finding things in their inventory that if you keeled right over in Aisle 3, it’d take about a week before anyone located your body.

You might be laughing right now, but it’s so true that maybe you’re crying instead.

National chain supplies seem to have traded in their experienced employees (who cost them higher wages) for a high turnover rate and not much training. This lets them sell you their products for a far lower price, but makes a poor customer experience at the same time. Whether you’re buying or distributing, the national chain disease can be fatal.

Here at Hubbard, we’re partial to independent businesses. We like the freedom of carrying products from small and midsized manufacturers, and we like supporting other local companies and giving back to our communities. Yet, we still recognize the importance of keeping prices competitive for our customers. Affiliated Distributors (A-D) helps us accomplish all these goals.

What Is A-D?
A-D is an association of independently owned and operated businesses whose expertise spans across seven separate industries. By banding together, we have far more purchasing power than we did standing solo. This lets us pass those savings on to our customers and stay competitive with national chain prices, while still offering capabilities above and beyond what national chains can deliver.

Our membership in Affiliated Distributors gives us the purchase power of a national chain, yet lets us continue running independently. We also get to network with similar businesses doing exactly what we’re doing: providing outstanding products to our loyal customer base. This combination gives us far greater flexibility to react to the need of every individual customer than national chains ever could.

Giving Back
The bottom line is about more than your invoice total. By supporting national chains instead of local businesses, you’re sending your dollars to travel outside the community. A local business will hire a local accountant, for example, and probably bank through a local bank. National chains outsource all their business support needs back to headquarters thousands of miles away.

No one wants to weaken his or her community, but we do understand that your invoice total is a powerful motivator. We’re committed to giving our customers a competitive option that allows them to continue supporting local companies without breaking the bank. A-D helps us achieve this goal, while still offering large-scale major manufacturing products and solutions that meet your unique needs.

We understand that it’s just not realistic to spend twice as much buying from local businesses, and we know that the cookie-cutter answers delivered by national chains aren’t right for every company. A-D gives us a way to offer more innovative solutions to our customers than national chains, while passing savings onto our customers so they can feel great about buying local without going broke. In return, we can funnel that money right back into our community. Best of all, we can accomplish all of this without any mysterious smells coming from Aisle 3.