Healthy Workplace in Manufacturing Environments

Did you know that 99% of workers are affected by a minor illness annually? Or that 72% of those illnesses could be prevented with better hygiene?

With cold and flu season quickly approaching, employee absenteeism will be on the rise thanks to the common cold, stomach illness, influenza and/or migraine headaches. A virus on person’s hand can be transferred to 6 different people!

Using The Hygienify Routine by Kimberly Clark, you can reduce the risk infection from cold and flu by about 80%.

The business impact of illness (both absence and working while sick) is $1,685 per employee, per year. You can help reduce the cost and strain on your business by:

  1. Performing an audit of your workplace to identify hot spots of activity.
  2. Keeping a supply of tissues, sanitizer and disinfectant wipes for employee use.
  3. Following the 3-step protocol (wash, wipe, sanitize) outlined in the video above.
  4. Communicating the importance of hygiene and preventative measures to all employees.

For more information on products available to reduce workplace illnesses, contact your Hubbard Supply sales representative.