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Programs | Hubbard Supply Co.


A program is an agreement or contract to provide a customer with a level of indirect materials and service. Hubbard Supply Co. develops customized programs to streamline the acquisition process, costs and usage patterns for our customers. Programs can range from the very simple to the highly integrated and complex.

We work with our customers to determine the best program to fit their needs. This could be anything from sending a monthly shipment of cleaning supplies to a complex, multi-location procurement system. Below is an overview of the programs available, any of which can be customized to meet your needs.

Commodity management is a single supply provider of products. Commodity management focuses on product groups rather than an entire range. Hubbard is a commodity manager within two commodity groups: industrial supply and electronics. Although the product groups will vary from customer to customer, the benefits of a streamlined procurement process, cost savings and product standardization remain the same. Many of the identified service features would be agreed upon by Hubbard and the customer as part of the working agreement.
An integrated supply program is an agreement between Hubbard Supply Co. and a customer to become the single source supplier for all product categories. The integrated supply program combines the materials purchasing, storage, delivery and payables process to minimize redundancy and accelerate continuous impovement. This allows for a drastic reduction in vendors and transactions, resulting in better pricing, product standardization, inventory reduction and increased workplace efficiencies. Beyond industrial supplies and electronics, the customer may decide to expand the agreement to include other commodities like plumbing or electrical under the management solution introduced by Hubbard.
A 3PIMM program is an agreement between Hubbard Supply Co., its service provider HDI, and a customer to become the single source solution for all indirect procurement services and product. The 3PIMM program combines the people, process and systems as well as materials purchasing, storage, delivery and payables to minimize cost and redundancies while fostering continuous improvement. This allows for a drastic reduction in vendors and transactions, resulting in better overall costs, product standardization, inventory control and work place efficiencies.
The point-of-use, or POU, program allows for availability of repetitive products near the end user. POUs eliminate trips to cribs or stockrooms, allowing your employees to be more efficient. POUs also eliminate secondary storage areas and give greater control over products and expenditures, if applied correctly.
Hubbarddirect.com is a tailored e-commerce solution that allows our customers to manage the procurement of maintenance, repair, and operational products. There are two modules within hubbarddirect.com: POU, which is dedicated to managing items for crib or point-of-use users, and spot buy, which supports users authorized to purchase non-crib or POU material. Unlike traditional e-commerce solutions, Hubbarddirect.com is tailored to meet each customer’s needs.
Hubbard Supply Co. is committed to implementing cost savings for our customers whenever possible. Our qualified sales representatives work with our customers, from buyers to plant managers, first to identify cost savings opportunities and then to implement them. Once they have been implemented and approved, we will provide documentation to the customer. We also monitor ongoing activities to ensure that we meet or exceed cost savings goals (if established) as well as continually identify cost savings opportunities. It is our commitment to engage our customers in a process that reduces their overall costs.
Your unique business needs are important to us. We believe that one size does not fit all. Our customized vending systems are used by our customers in manufacturing plants to help them achieve supply chain and shop floor optimization, through inventory management and reduced tooling and labor costs.