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Hookit™ 051131-05711 Compounding Pad, 8 in Dia, Hook and Loop Attachment, Wool Blend Pad

Hookit™ 051131-05711 Compounding Pad, 8 in Dia, Hook and Loop Attachment, Wool Blend Pad

Hookit™ 051131-05711 Compounding Pad, 8 in Dia, Hook and Loop Attachment, Wool Blend Pad

  • Brand: Hookit™
  • Mfr# : 051131-05711
  • Item # : MMM 05711
  • UPC #: 051131057111
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  • Removes finishing abrasive sand scratches and other paint surface defects
  • Double sided screw-on pads feature flexing action for reduced surface burn risk
  • Untwisted wool yarn construction improves handling across large surface areas
  • Blended or 100% wool abrasive delivers fast cutting efficiency
  • Works with 3M™ compounds and adapters for fast, consistent results


Our 3M™ wool compounding pads are built to deliver an aggressive cut for a smooth finish, ideal when compounding on paints, clears and composite surfaces. Our double sided screw-on pads feature 100% untwisted wool yarn on a stiff central hub for a full cut and broader surface contact. Single sided pads feature a finer 60/40 wool blend and our Hookit™ attachment for quick-changeouts. For auto body compounding and buffing applications, our 3M™ wool compounding pads feature fast cutting wool abrasive for attaining flawless finishes on clear coat, paint and the latest composite surfaces. Whether 100% wool or our 60/40 wool blend abrasive, these pads work effortlessly with 3M™ compounds and attachment systems for a variety of jobs including the removal of compound swirl marks and fine paint surface defects. Our double sided pads feature a stiff, durable center hub that supports the wool abrasives during flat or aggressive compounding procedures. Its 100% untwisted wool yarn construction features looser, more spread out fibers. This creates a fuller pad for good handling across larger surface areas. The screw-on pad attaches easily to orbital sanders and other power tools with the 3M™ 05710 adapter. Single sided wool compounding pads feature a 60/40 wool blend, ideal for refining paint surface defects during the auto body compounding process. Single sided pads feature our Hookit™ attachment system, a hook and loop system that works with 3M™ Hookit™ backup pads and attachment plates for fast changeouts. This saves time, especially during multi-stage compounding and polishing jobs. All of our 3M™ wool compounding pads work seamlessly with our Perfect-It™ paint finishing system, providing the highest performing products all the way through the paint finishing process including scratch refinement discs and pads, compounds, polishes and cleaners. Wool compounding pads are recommended for use with 3M™ Perfect-It™ EX rubbing compounds including 36058, 36060 and 36061, ideal for multiple stages of compounding including P1200 or finer sand scratch removal.

Hookit™ Compounding Pad, Hook and Loop Attachment, 8 in Overall Diameter, 2000 rpm Maximum, Wool Blend Pad, White


Color      :    White
Type      :    Hook and Loop
Maximum Speed      :    2000 rpm
Overall Diameter      :    8 in
Attachment Type      :    Hook and Loop
Pad Material      :    Wool Blend


Application      :    Cured Paint, Fresh Paint Finishes, Medium Paint Finishes, Hardest Paint Finishes, Sand Scratch Removal and Scratch Removal
Country of Origin      :    CA